Zombie Film Battle-31

Hi, My name is Ryan Farrell (also known as Fazmotron) and I’ve been working on short films and music videos for a few years now and thought this would be a good place to put them all.

I have been doing this sort of thing since Uni, when a good friend of mine, Sam Cupitt, asked me to act in a music video he had to do for an assignment. Since then we have done a few more university assignments together, as well as other short films, an advertisement for a competition, and some other silly little things.


I’ve now completed my Uni degree in Film, Media and Culture and Japanese and have since been working on a bunch of new projects, chief of which is the SHORT FILM BATTLE. I’ve also been dabbling in artist videos, both performance pieces and films about artists. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the films surely to come from me in the future.


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