Michaela Swan – Two Piece (a common thread)

Filmed live over 2 hours at the Watt Space student gallery, this piece by artist Michaela Swan was performed by both the artist and her sister, and was screened at Watt Space student gallery.



Artist’s Statement

Two Piece (a common thread), 2014

2 hour live performance Thursday 27 November 2014 5-7pm Watt Space Gallery

Michaela and Kirsten Swan

Artist’s clothing, scissors, needle, thread,

Video Documentation by Ryan Farrell

Two Piece (a common thread) explores perceptions of twins natural bond. A bond that others cannot truly understand. Thread is commonly used as a material to bind or attach objects together, in this performance thread and stitching is used to explore aspects of twin’s relationships including themes of sharing, frustration, compromise, and sacrifice. During the performance, the twins sit facing each other. They each take turns to thread a needle with a length of pre-prepared red thread, they pass the thread through the left side of their t-shirt, then make one stitch before handing the needle across to the other twin, whom passes the thread through the left side of their t-shirt, and performs one stitch to secure the thread. The ends of the threads hang loose and a dialogue is created through the thread between the twins. The enclosure of the space alludes to the at times isolated connection experienced by twins.


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