Michaela Swan – Re Piece

Filmed over 6 hours, this performance piece by artist Michaela Swan has been exhibited at Watt Space student gallery and Maitland Regional Art Gallery.



Artist’s statement

Re-Piece, 2014

6 hour performance

Artist’s clothing, scissors, un-picker, needles, thread

Dimensions variable

Re Piece fulfils ones desire to create comfort from discomfort, to create or recreate one’s own environment, to impose and embrace limitations of creativity. In a moment of unease and insecurity the artist disrobes down to her underwear, then painstakingly unpicks and cuts up her clothing. Through this act she subverts clothing ideals, stereotypes and associations made with styles of clothing and the comfort associated with clothing that fits. In an act of desperation and despair, the artist hand stitches the pieces of her clothing back together, she disregards precision of colour, shape, form or stitching in order to achieve her goal to re-piece the clothing into a cocoon.


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